Given our rural roots, it’s no surprise that we have the outdoors enthusiasts covered. Take a look; coolers and fishing rods to clothing and things you didn’t know you needed until you saw them.

We can ship many of the outdoor items; inquire inside, call us at 800-20 smoke (207-6653) or email us at sales@praseks.com for a quote. It’s really easy. We make the arrangements and you simply receive it and enjoy.

Stainless Steel BBQ grills, Stainless Steel fire pits, Timber Image wooden swings and bars, a full line of Frio products, a full line of Yeti products,  Waterloo fishing rods, and more.


Custom Built Stainless Steel BBQ Grill


Custom Built Stainless Steel Burning Pits and Grills


Our custom built stainless steel barbecue grills are designed to use less charcoal because of the critical gap tolerance.  With two sizes available, either grill will be great addition to your patio. Here are some more great features:

There is nothing like the ambiance of warm fire on a cool fall or winter evening. Add the family or a great group of great friends and you have just created an evening of great fellowship and memories. 
P.S. – If your looking for a little more, throw some Prasek’s steaks on that grill!

Why stainless steel? Because its beautiful, super durable, and practically maintenance free. Available in sizes ranging from 24 in. to 36 in., and larger upon request. Burning pit and grill, all in one!

If you prefer a less expensive yet great quality black iron burning pit, we have those also. Functional and beautiful.


Atascosa Wildlife Supplies


Enjoying the outdoors should be done in style, comfort and enjoyed safely.  We are proud to be part of the super high quality Atascosa blind and feeder authorized dealer team.

Your out there to relax!  Enjoy the outdoors in comfort. Atascosa deer blinds are manufactured with high quality materials to stand up to the most extreme conditions. Atascosa products are well known for durability and quality. Ground level to 20′ towers. Box sizes include 5×5, 5×7, 5×9, 10×10. The blinds come standard with:

  • All metal blind, no wood or fiberglass to rot.
  • Heavy duty 3 x 3 1/4″ angle iron tower
  • Large heavy-duty grated porch
  • Towers over 4′ are bolted together to tower frame


Other Great Outdoor Products

Yeti Coolers

We carry a line of Yeti Coolers. Yeti coolers are built to take the rugged abuse that comes “disposable,” a Yeti is made to last! Check with us about great Yeti pricing.

Waterloo Fishing Rods

Fishing takes time and effort so you deserve the best equipment  Waterloo Fishing Rods are one of the best rods here on the Gulf Coast.  Come  checkout the light-weight, sensitive Salinity series or the versatile Phantom series.  Quality and superior craftsmanship in the palm of your hands.

ForeverLast Hunting and Fishing Gear

Patio Furniture

Corn for Wildlife