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Prasek's Gifts

  1. Prasek's Gift 1


    Prasek's Gift 1 Hardwood Smoked Meats. Specially tailored for the family's enjoyment. MSG Free!

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  2. Prasek's Gift 2


    Prasek's Gift 2 An easy ways to show you are think about them and that you care! Cover breakfast, lunch or dinner and have some great Smoked Meats and Cheese for a snack. MSG Free!

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  3. Prasek's Gift 3


    Prasek's Gift 3 Jerky, Jerky, and more Jerky! Throw in a link of dry sausage and Snack Central has arrived. MSG Free!

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  4. Prasek's Gift 4


    Prasek's Gift 4 Easy-peasey and a little cheesy! Imagine this fine assortment arriving at your client's, family's, or friend's door! YOU have just become the hit of the party! MSG Free!

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  5. Prasek's Gift 5


    Prasek's Gift 5 Well-rounded, to say the least! Approximately 8 lbs. of Top Quality, Wholesome Smoked Meats. Whatever the plan, backyard grilling, campfire cooking, or hosting a black tie and evening gown event, this Gift works for al! MSG Free!

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  6. Prasek's Gift 6


    Prasek's Gift 6 Thank you! Happy Birthday! Enjoy Your New Home! Happy Anniversary! In Appreciation For... ! Whatever the occasion or need, let a Prasek's Gift do the talking for you. It speaks mounds. MDG Free!

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  7. Prasek's Gift 7


    Prasek's Gift 7 This great combination of fine Hardwood Smoked Meats will provide for as many as 20 people. Just slice and serve or heat the ham for the main entrée. Happy eating! MSG Free!

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  8. Prasek's Gift 8


    Prasek's Gift 8 This Gift could be called, The Real Deal, but we like to keep it simple, and simply put it's full of a bunch of great stuff. Perfect for office or home. Prasek's Gift 8 or The Real Deal. A few more clicks and its a done deal! MSG Free!

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  9. Prasek's Special Gift


    Special Gift You can show your appreciation, love, etc. to those who do not eat beef or pork with this Special Gift. It contains great Hardwood Smoke Meats without any pork or beef whole muscle meat products. MSG Free!

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  10. Prasek's Sampler Gift


    Great Sample of our Dried Products! Good way to try a little of everything!

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