B-Jo’s Czech Bakery

It all started in the early 1980’s when Mike Jr. needed braces on his teeth. Money was tight so to help pay for the braces Betty Jo began baking cheese rolls in the family’s trailer home and selling them at the store.  They went over extremely well and after burning out three sets of elements and finally the entire oven, a commercial oven was purchased for the store and as they say… “the rest is history”.

Scratch baking is an art and great artist take pride in their work. The Team Players of B-Jo’s Czech Bakery work hard at their art to ensure that your baked good are fresh, tasty and meet the high standards established years ago by Betty Jo herself.

We are proud of our roots and more proud that we have stuck to them! Take a look at our item list.

Fundraising Opportunity

We can help your club or organization make money by reselling bakery items! We have years of experience and know how to make it easy and successful for you.   
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