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Texas Craft Jerky
Praseks Locations
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Our Locations

Prasek’s El Campo

29714 US 59 HWY (map)
El Campo, Texas 77437


Mon.-Thurs.: 7am – 8pm
Fri.: 7am – 9pm
Sat.: 7am – 7pm
Sun.: 8am – 8pm

Prasek’s Sealy

2949 SW I-10 Frontage Rd (map)
Exit 718
Sealy, TX 77474



Mon. – Thur.: 6 am to 8 pm
Fri. – Sun.: 6 am to 9 pm


Family isn’t just a noun in Texas. It’s also an adjective!

It is the way Texans proudly describe quality. Family-style. Family-made. Family-run. Whether it’s the taste of generational recipes, the welcoming smiles from friendly faces, or the familiar sounds of a large family gathering, Texans know real when they see it.

There are two types of Texans: those that are, and those that wannabe.

Which is why Texans, and neighbors just passing through, choose Prasek’s Family Smokehouse. Because everything about it screams authentic Lone Star State – from the warm and welcoming atmosphere, to the genuinely friendly service, to every mouthwatering bite of made-from-scratch Prasek’s original foods. It’s real Texas from the boots up. And that makes Prasek’s the destination to hit when travelers are looking for quality, variety, convenience and comfort all bundled up in one jaw-dropping Texas experience.

Welcome to Texas. Welcome to Prasek’s.