Hillje Town Hall Conference Center

Hillje Town Hall is a great room designed to accommodate up to 120 guests. The versatility of the room allows for an array of different events. Whether your function is a wedding receptions, a small banquet or a training meeting, our number one goal is to fulfill your wants and accommodate your needs. We can arrange for your gathering to be an elegant setting that will give your guest a deserved feeling of glamour or it can be on the simple side.  

If you so choose, our executive chef will prepare an unforgettable gourmet meal for your dinning enjoyment or you can order your favorites from B Jo’s Czech Bakery or Big H Grill.

Options include:


Lunch & Dinner

The Sky’s the Limit!

Click on specific menus below for a detailed selection that would accommodate you & your guests

Room Rates:

Less than 30 attendants

30 to 70 attendants

More than 70 attendants

Water, Tea and/or Coffee included

If you have any questions please contact us at 800-20Smoke (207-6653) and ask for Hillje Town Hall information.