“If I would be ashamed to tell someone that I cut that steak or chop, I guarantee you it ain’t going to be in my case.” ~ the late Gene Rothbauer. Gene got it and he passed it along to his predecessors; nothing less than perfect.  A typical fresh meat market is not what you will find at Prasek’s Family Smokehouse. We have the usual fresh meat options plus a large assortment of seasoned cuts to take one less step out of the cooking prep. Our proteins will be the standout on the plate, guaranteed!

We believe in a high standard of meat quality, a high trim standard, and a strong desire to provide the best cuts of beef, pork, and chicken possible. With forty plus years of meat cutting experience, customers have come to trust what they are getting and they keep coming back time after time. Shop Prasek’s for a wide variety of individual cuts of meat, custom freezer orders, or bulk quantities of meat for large events. Next time through take home a Seasoned Ribeye Steak or Stuffed Chicken Breast for your next meal. We look forward to seeing you.