Wild Game Processing

Because the very first settlers relied on wild game for survival, they had a great appreciation for its value. That same appreciation hold true when our customers entrust us with their wild game. We take great pride in processing your game and go to great lengths to insure that the meat you bring to us is the meat you take home.

Using the same proven recipes and meat processing techniques which have made our meat products a family favorite for years, Prasek’s can transform your wild game into a mouth watering dinner table delicacy.

We’ve put together a guide with pointers of what can be done with your wild game ro help you devise a processing plan. Take a look below.

Our Commitment: We are committed to doing our very best when preparing your wild game. This includes assuring you that we will never intentionally mix your meat with that of another customers. You bring us YOUR trophy, you take YOUR our trophy home.  

Deer Processing options

Wild Hog Processing Options

Trimmings Options