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  1. Prasek's Gift 1


    Prasek's Gift 1 Hardwood Smoked Meats. Specially tailored for the family's enjoyment. MSG Free!

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  2. Prasek's Gift 2


    Prasek's Gift 2 An easy ways to show you are think about them and that you care! Cover breakfast, lunch or dinner and have some great Smoked Meats and Cheese for a snack. MSG Free!

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  3. Prasek's Gift 3


    Prasek's Gift 3 Jerky, Jerky, and more Jerky! Throw in a link of dry sausage and Snack Central has arrived. MSG Free!

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  4. Prasek's Gift 4


    Prasek's Gift 4 Easy-peasey and a little cheesy! Imagine this fine assortment arriving at your client's, family's, or friend's door! YOU have just become the hit of the party! MSG Free!

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  5. Prasek's Gift 5


    Prasek's Gift 5 Well-rounded, to say the least! Approximately 8 lbs. of Top Quality, Wholesome Smoked Meats. Whatever the plan, backyard grilling, campfire cooking, or hosting a black tie and evening gown event, this Gift works for al! MSG Free!

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